Luxury stone home with circular driveway

Fix that driveway, impress your wife and your neighbors at the same time!

If you’re anything like me, fixing things is a little beyond your comfort zone. I’m an ideas guy, home design as you know if you’re reading this is kinda my thing!

But just as important to the interior of your house is your exterior, and every now and again something inevitably needs to be fixed.

One such occurrence happened last weekend, wifey pointed out to me in a less than subtle suggestion “There’s a pothole in the driveway dear.” I’ve been married long enough to understand that tone. Get it fixed.

The moment I started looking online for solutions my heart sank low…as did my wallet. Would you believe how much it costs to hire the team and heavy plant it requires to pour hot asphalt into a simple pothole?

But as my search expanded in direct proportion to my panic, I found myself on Red Stag Materials and it’s there that I found my salvation.

They sell this brilliant product called EZ Street! It allows you to -and I couldn’t believe this- literally pour the cold asphalt solution into the hole, pat it down with your shovel, and low and beyond! It binds to the asphalt and your pothole problem is no more!

I was struck by how amazing this was, but I have to admit, I had my reservations on how it would actually work. Surely a product that eliminates the need for heavy plant and scores of tradesmen standing around quoting you four figures was absolutely revolutionary?

The price was more than reasonable, however, and since it was available for purchase in 22KG bags I thought I may as well go for it.

The product, which I was able to order straight from the website after a brief discussion with a polite young Scot called Gary, arrived in good time.

This was my big moment, with wifey watching, a glass of wine in hand on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I reached for my shovel and last-ditch hope of impressing the woman I married all those years ago.

To my complete surprise, the product worked a treat! After a tap of trepidation from my nervously wielded shovel I the ground as firm as when we had first had the driveway laid – over 15 years ago!

If you thought my disbelieve was stark then you should have heard my wife, you would have thought she’d just seen a pig fly past in the sky! She praised the good people at Red Stag to the moon and back, perhaps it was the Merlot talking, but she seemed to place a disproportionate amount of the praise to them, rather than the work of her hard-working husband, but perhaps that’s