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Why An Office Carpet Cleaning Crew Isn’t the Same as a Residential One

Carpet cleaning companies usually have separate departments entirely for residential customers and commercial customers. Since offices and other commercial spaces tend to involve large areas of carpeting, they require different sets of skills in the cleaning crew, and completely different equipment. It wouldn’t be an efficient way of going about it if they used the same equipment and skills for both kinds of clients.

When you call in a professional cleaning company for an office carpet cleaning project, such as  this Aberdeen carpet cleaning company, the first thing they’ll do before they even give you a quote, is send someone over to inspect your carpeting. They need to find out what condition your carpeting is in and how much of it is in high-traffic areas.

In residential installations, you don’t tend to call a cleaning company more than once a year. But that’s only because with regular vacuuming, brushing, and all the other maintenance needed that homeowners do on their own, they just need someone in for the heavy duty work. In an office, like the ones used by Azzurro Agency for example,  or other commercial buildings, the regular occupants of the building aren’t going to be doing any carpet cleaning at all. It’s really up to the commercial cleaning service to take care of both the regular vacuuming, brushing and other cleaning on a day-to-day basis, and to roll out the heavy artillery once or twice a year. An office carpet cleaning then isn’t a one-time thing that you call a company in for. It’s a full time contract that you then have.

How much does all of this actually end up costing you? Well, of course, it changes from one company to the next. For the most part though, for a complete and thorough biannual cleaning using all the heavy equipment, they usually charge anything up to 20p a square foot. Of course, depending on the size of the cleaning company that you go to and their business circumstances, this rate can change. A business for instance that is eager to make a name for itself, may be willing to work for half that amount.

As with all other cleaning responsibilities in a commercial building, the office carpet cleaning contract will need to be administered by someone who is knowledgeable in these things. Carpet cleaning crews are experts at shortchanging their clients, even if they are large and valuable commercial clients. Fabric carpeting has this quality that it will often look quite clean even after a poorly done cleaning job. The grime buildup begins to show up over time. It’s important for someone to really supervise how the cleaning is done and put it into the contract