A mystery quilt…

I haven’t worked on a mystery quilt in ages…and my quilt shop is doing one…

The clues come out on Tueday – and here is the first part done…

All the cuts have been made…wonder what comes next???

A couple more…

Pillowcases, of course…

A Holly Hobbie fabric – and I think it will be part of the gift for the little girl upstairs…her birthday is the end of the month.

I made two of this one … I think it is so pretty!  One is for me and the other one is being bought by a neighbor…

Friday Fill-in #186

1. I feel happy.

2. There is a pile of mail here to catch up.

3. Do what is right!

4. The Old Man and the Mountain was completely unique.

5. It’s hard to know how much yarn I have in my house – but, at least I am organizing it better.

6. Whenever Isis does something, Zac always follows suit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having dinner with friends, tomorrow my plans include going to the farmers market and Sunday, I want to chill and relax!

You can play here!


My garden is producing stuff..honest!

These are my first two tomatoes – Yep, I’m planning on making fried green tomatoes out of them – except that today – they started to turn red!  Go figure!

My first two and only radishes!  The other plants never came up – and neither did my beets!!!

So, there you go – proof that I’m keeping up with my little garden.

One Thing Challenge…

I’m needing a push to work on my BOM quilt from my quilt shop – so, I will be making two blocks this week…

Ten on Tuesday 2.0…

10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

Let’s clarify this – People who know me will tell you my idea of camping is the closest Holiday Inn…Seriously!

But, since I’ve moved to New Hampshire – I have discovered lodges and cottages – and those have become my idea of camping…

So, what do I take:

1)  Food – can’t camp without food!  I like to make sure I am close enough to a seafood restaurant or shop – fresh fish or lobster is a MUST!

2)  Knitting – I always take my knitting.  No matter where I go! 

3)  Books to read!  It’s a must to lounge around with a great book.

4)  Sturdy shoes – so I can hike around the area.

5)  A hand knit afghan to cuddle up in.

6)  Bathing Suit – even if it is just for walking the beach – need to get that sun tan…

7)  My camera – that is another thing I never leave at home.

8)  Stamps  to send post cards back to friends.

9)  Chocolate! 

10)  Extra money – in case I find a quilt or yarn shop on the way to or from.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats…

My thanks to my friend, Kristen, for inviting me to go with her to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats game.  It was so fun!!!

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