My Corner of the World…

Killington, Vermont…

Killington is a wonderful little ski town in Vermont not far from where I live. It is perfect for a Sunday drive – and look what I came upon:


This would be Rob and Big.  Bet you wonder how I know that!  Because there was a sign with a little box under it that had paper, pen, and business cards.  The sign stated that this was Rob and Big.  (Not sure who is who…) They are Scottish Highlander Breed bulls.  They were very interesting to watch.  We must have been there at lunch time…cause they never looked up much from the nice grass they were eating.robandbig4

They belong to Mosher Excavating, Inc.  in Killington…evidently the bulls have made a big impression and have become somewhat famous in the area.   Mosher invites you to take photos and let them know and send them a copy…Personally, I think that is really cool. 


A little close-up of the boys…

And, thank you, Mosher Excavating, Inc…for letting us enjoy your beautiful animals!


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