She's Starvin' Me…


Killian, here…

Ever since we came back from that Vet person…she’s been starving me.  I should have listened better but I was scoping out the joint for some treats and trying to get close to that cool little stainless steel thing that purred. 

Flashes of conversation have floated into my mind … “over-weight”, “gained a pound since last visit” “21-1/2 pounds” “needs to get down to 16″  “not to mention diabetes in older cats”

So ever since we got home my bowl isn’t as full!  And, my treats – well, let me tell you – she used to give me 8 or 9 treats at a time and many times a day…now I’m lucky if I get 4 – I know I counted…and only 3 times a day. 

I counted the other morning and looked up at her as if to say -“Ok, Mom, where’s the rest of them…”  and she just shook her head and said no more for now.

She’s starving me…honest…

P.S.  Send treats – the mailman is my friend!


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