Ten on Tuesday…

Ten Favorite Cities

1)  Boston, MA – I love Boston…it is close enough for a day trip…and just perfect for getting that Big City Fix.

2)  Portsmouth, NH – It is a lovely place – one the water with wonderful old buildings and a vibrant community.

3)  Vancouver, British Columbia and Victoria  – I would have moved there 15 years ago and never looked back had it not been so far from my family. (Not to mention that it was a foreign country) Vancouver is contemporary, gorgeous architecture, tons of things to do!  Victoria has the regal old buildings and a sense of beauty everywhere.  The ferry ride between the two takes my breath away.

4)  New York City – Nothing like it…the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the theatre, the food, the museums, the stores.  I love NYC!

5)  Washington, DC – Our nation’s capitol.  So many things to do and see!

6)  Aquadilla, Puerto Rico – where my mother was born and where we lived off and on when I was between the ages of one and five.  My grandfather had a grocery store and he would cut me a big piece of cheese  from this huge wheel of cheese that was wrapped in red and give me pickles out of a barrel. 

7) Philadelphia, PA – where I was born.  I never really saw it until I was in my early 20s and flew up to see my great aunt, Margaret.  The city is filled with so much history and things to do.  I’d love to go back now…and see it through my eyes.

8)  Honolulu, Hawaii – if for nothing else than the color of the water!  Have never before seen water that gorgeous!

9)  Asheville, NC – the artsy-fartsy city of Asheville.  It was forty-five minutes from where we lived in Jonesborough, TN and we would go often.  The Biltmore,  The Grove Park, the great bookstores, bead stores, yarn shops, fabric shops – just a great fun city.

10) Quebec City – I fell in love with Quebec City when we were there for a week.  It is at the top of my favorite cities.  Love the “European” feel, hearing the French language, the small shops, bakeries, flower shops, spas…the beautiful buildings….

As you can tell – most of the cities (if not all) are great walking cities….that is what I truly love – the ability to get around via my feet or great public transportation.

So what are your favorite cities?

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