My Corner of the World…


This past Tuesday my local library, Fiske Free Library, invited a new author to talk about his book.   His name is John Lacombe and he is the author of Winter Games.

John is a 1998 graduate of Lebanon High School which is the next  town over.   He currently lives, works and writes in Chicago…but, his parents live here in New Hampshire.

Now I have to admit I am not big on thrillers – rarely read them.  (Unless you count Dan Brown’s books)!  But, John changed my mind about his book.  His reading of the Prologue got me…and I was wanting to hear or read more.  This book moves – it is fast paced and the characters are believable…but his descriptions are what I really am enjoying.  What begins in a fictional town that is a combination of Claremont (my city) and Lebanon, Lacombe paints an accurate picture of what the old mill towns were like…and then leads us on a roller coaster ride that ends up in North Korea.


If you like thrillers – you might want to try this one!


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